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Geneinno will launch the Trident Underwater Scooter on Indiegogo in September

Time:2018-08-15   Source:PRNewswire

MIAMIAug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Geneinno, one of these pioneers focused on underwater equipment and the creator of the Titan underwater droneannounced they will be launching their newest underwater device on Indiegogo - the Trident underwater scooter.

Originally, a beach goer might just bring their towel and swimming clothes to the beach along with a shovel and bucket. Since then, however, technology has erupted in sophistication and now whole new experiences can be found under the water. The Trident allows scuba divers to reach depths of up to 164ft and has two different speed settingsEven less confident swimmers will be able to glide through the water effortlessly using the Trident.

Geneinno would still like to caution weaker swimmers from going out past their limits using these types of devices. While the technology may seem very innovative, swimmers should be aware of the risks and dangers involved. The Trident is fully charged after 1.5 hours, allowing for approximately one hour of constant use. An indicator will let users know when their battery is starting to get low. The Trident may look like an exciting new toy to children, but thanks to the child lock feature, their tiny fingers are prevented from powering up the device. 


  1. Safely go to a depth of 164ft  
  2. Two speeds settings (3.6km/h and 7km/h) making it suitable for beginners at a touch
  3. Running time of around 60 mins
  4. Offers an extension support for GoPro so you can record everything underwater. Share the best recordings with friends and family. 
  5. Safety child lock to prevent idle hands from misusing the device.
  6. 12kg of thrust with a power of 180/480w

Interested consumers can register for campaign notifications on the Trident Indiegogo Campaign Page. The price on Indiegogo will be 50% off. The Trident isn't just for use at the beach. It can also be used in swimming pools, scuba diving, and water parks. 

The Trident is set to launch on Indiegogo in September in limited quantities at a discounted price.

SOURCE Geneinno